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I am enjoying an overnight in my permanent bushcraft camp here in Denmark. Making some great meat and a carving bench, improving the fire place and a few other things – and just enjoying the [More]
I am spending 3 days in the permanent a-frame camp. Last time did I make the home, this time do I make a woodshed, sawhorse and firewood + a small clearing in the forest. This [More]
Basic Bushcraft Tips and skills on using an axe, bushcraft knife, camp setup and fire lighting. Use my link or text TAOUTDOORS to 500-500 to get a free book and 30 day free trial. [More]
Just a RAW update in between seasons. Find our Harvest Pics on FB
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This shit infuriates me….But you gotta love TEXANS… they NEVER SURRENDER.
Is it possible to live off just your own chickens and vegetable garden? In this short video, I explain how it is possible to live off keeping chickens for eggs and by growing your own [More]