Day at camp continuing building the winter bushcraft shelter and cooking a cheese toast (grilled cheese) on the Bushbox. EXPAND FOR LINKS AND DETAILS: Music Kindly provided by Derek Chua (Lullaby for Forrest) Check him [More]
Primitive Technology: Stone Yam planters – Creating Stone planters for Yams from scratch. Subscribe: | Never miss a video! Enable β€˜ALL’ Notifications! More videos, watch me cultivate and cook yams: Follow Primitive Technology: [More]
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In which I TALK about the decision to move to the country or to another state to buy your ideal property. Filmed last year. Published now for the first time. Sometimes to find your dream [More]
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In this video I discuss my opinion about videos on YouTube in which supposedly all preppers/survivalist will die during a SHTF event.
I am enjoying 3 days in the woods – buling a A-frame shelter and just getting settle down in a new area in Denmark. EP1 EP2 long version EP2 short version Most [More]
What do these weird results look like to you? This shooting experiment uses an FN SCAR 17 vs Liquid FOAM – and the reactions is NOT what I expected to happen at all! Did you [More]
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