Prepping 2019: Starting prepping can be confusing. Many say you must be fully self-reliant, buy preppers supplies & a BOB to survive the zombie apocalypse, TEOTWAWKI or the SHTF, but these are all LIES! This [More]
Primitive technology with fish trap survival skills ( cooking fish ) look for food Hello . Thank you for watching the video on Brave Wilderness primitive channel. Please support me by clicking like then sharing [More]
Survival Hacks: Over 200 Ways to Use Everyday Items for Wilderness Survival $16.99 $9.34  in stock 53 new from $7.49 63 used from $ 3.96 Free shipping Buy Now as of April 22, 2019 [More] Everything you need is within one mile of where you live. Garro Tibbo is living proof. He lives in a normal suburban home in Toronto Canada but doesn’t need a grocery store or even [More]
Here are 10 hacks, tricks and tips to start homesteading now whatever you situation. Hope you enjoy!
Pulling the bed off and getting a game plan for my first time ever cutting a vehicles frame in half. Somehow it’s more intimidating than chopping a motorcycle lol Merch Available! Instagram @snidertron3000 The [More]
A look at the work English writer John Seymour: Self Sufficiency &Traditional Crafts
We continue to build a bushcraft viking house in the woods with hand tools. Part 3 focuses on building a viking long pit, or stone fire pit, for the inside of the viking house. We [More]
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