Is it possible to live off just your own chickens and vegetable garden? In this short video, I explain how it is possible to live off keeping chickens for eggs and by growing your own [More]
Six interesting off-grid living inventions and products. THUMBNAIL is the 3rd product in the video – K-Tor PowerBox. For more information follow the links below. 0:05 ➤ HomeBiogas Bio-Toilet – 1:13 ➤ Merax Portable [More]
In which I TALK about the decision to move to the country or to another state to buy your ideal property. Filmed last year. Published now for the first time. Sometimes to find your dream [More]
Primitive technology with fish trap survival skills ( cooking fish ) look for food Hello . Thank you for watching the video on Brave Wilderness primitive channel. Please support me by clicking like then sharing [More]
In this episode I discuss a classic book all about the off-grid/self-sufficient lifestyle and a excellent book about how to get there. Pick of the week- The Complete Book of Self-Sufficiency by John Seymour Rural [More]
Prepping 2019: Starting prepping can be confusing. Many say you must be fully self-reliant, buy preppers supplies & a BOB to survive the zombie apocalypse, TEOTWAWKI or the SHTF, but these are all LIES! This [More] Everything you need is within one mile of where you live. Garro Tibbo is living proof. He lives in a normal suburban home in Toronto Canada but doesn’t need a grocery store or even [More]
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Pulling the bed off and getting a game plan for my first time ever cutting a vehicles frame in half. Somehow it’s more intimidating than chopping a motorcycle lol Merch Available! Instagram @snidertron3000 The [More]