Doug and Stacy live OFF GRID in a LOG CABIN. They have 11 acres where they grow and harvest most of their own food. When temps drop to -20 f it can be a little [More]
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Primitive technology – Primitive skills catch big fish and Cooking grilled fish – Eating delicious #PrimitiveTechnology #PrimitiveSkills #CookingFish #PrimitiveVillageKT
Primitive Technology: Pit and chimney furnace – Creating a pit and chimney furnace from scratch. Subscribe: | Never miss a video! Enable ‘ALL’ Notifications! More videos, watch me build Iron Prills from scratch: [More]
Doug and Stacy live OFF GRID in a LOG CABIN and grow and harvest most of their own food. To help you get the best start every month Doug and Stacy will be sharing some [More]
There was so much more to see at this amazing location that we had to create a 2nd part so you wouldn’t miss any extra moments of inspiration! If you missed part 1, you can [More]
OFF GRID with DOUG and STACY are discussing the studies that put homesteaders / farmers in the top 5 of long life expectancy Subscribe to OFF GRID with DOUG & STACY: A Gallup poll [More]
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