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I am enjoying 3 days in the woods – buling a A-frame shelter and just getting settle down in a new area in Denmark.


EP2 long version
EP2 short version

Most asked questions:

Why remove the bark?
Prevent rod, makes brighter walls, remove the last bit of branches that can hurt you and the bark can’t fall down into your eyes then using the shelter.

What knife is that?
A yakut knife (Common in Siberia). I bought the knife blade and made the rest myself. I am right now working on a video where I forge and make a similar yakut knife.

What axe is that?
A Russian axe made by ZIK about 1950. It’s rings be course the steel blade is so thin and wide and be course it’s high carbon. I have used it in a few other videos as well-

…. that saw…?
It’s a home made frame in oak. I will make a video on how I make one soon.


The channel is now on instagram! Look up “RuneBertramNielsen” and get updates about the next video.


More information on the website including gear list

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