Knife Flipping Trick FAIL w/ Melissa Miller

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***PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS NOT THE INTENDED USE of a kerambit and the loop is not meant for this purpose. It is just for fun and not a display of martial art skill by any means***** Weeeeelp. I had some clean video takes but decided that this was 20 times better to show Definition of a fail. Lessons: 1.) Don’t ever get too comfortable. I’ve learned this the hard way one too many times. Remember, carelessness = blood. 2.) Smiling ➕ awkward stance ➕ trying to look cool on camera ➖ full attention to what you are doing = disaster. 3.) If you practice crap like this without a guard or taped knife edge you’ll learn quicker but you WILL get cut. Make sure you are within a close drive to a hosptial in case you uh… ya know… slice a freaking artery… 4.) I DON’T condone this type of stuff without using a guard or safety precautions. It is not safe, especially since you have major arteries running down your arm. Train at your own risk, and always wear a guard on your edge unless you want to end up like above video. Make sure you are not alone as well. . Stay safe my friends. Have a first aid kit on you always, and practice and train at your own risks. By the way, What’s this happened I immediately applied deep pressure directly on the wound with my thumb and it stopped bleeding within a couple of minutes And luckily all was well .

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