Episode 1 – Welcome to Our Farm! / New Homesteaders / Introducing the Animals

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Finally introducing ourselves, our animals, and our farmstead. This is just a random typical day here on the farm (while Mike is home with us). Meet our herd… We will introduce the rest of the animals in another vlog. Snooki, Romeo, Coheed, Cambria, Harry, Ron, Tweedle Dee, and Tweedle Dum all make their big debut. Thanks for watching!!

We left the suburbs of Tampa, FL and bought a Blueberry Farm here in Georgia. We wanted to start blogging to chronicle our journey during the renovation of our home and this farmland. We are hoping to show others that it IS POSSIBLE, even when one partner travels for a living. Even with a special needs child. Even when you have health issues. And even when everyone tells you that you cannot do it organically. YOU CAN and WE DO!!

Teamwork Makes Our Dream Work

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