Beginning Beekeeping: Collecting Honey Without Extractor – GSB S1 E4

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It’s true. I can’t keep up with my son! The Golden Son Beekeeper does his beekeeping duties with or without a camera man. There’s a lot of inspections and other hive activity that doesn’t get caught on camera because it’s all happening when I, Daddykirbs, am at work.

Oh well, what I do get to record is fun and interesting. Like in this episode, Espen shows us how to open a hive and take out frames of honey. You heard that right… honey! These bees are very productive!

Since we do not have a honey extractor we are using the crush and strain method of honey collection. This is how we did it two seasons ago with my first hive. The honey has a bit more wax in it, but it all floats to the top and can be scraped off.

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