5 Easy Steps to Escape the Rat Race and Live Self-Sufficient and Self-Reliant

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Live Life DIY is about being self-reliant, self sufficient, and independent. You creating a fun, happy, lifestyle of freedom. Live Life DIY is the life you have always wanted to live, your dream lifestyle.

5 steps you can start today to escape the rat race and live self-sufficient.

Here’s the deal. We can talk and talk about being self-sufficient and self-reliant. But how can you actually do it? It’s easy to say, quit your job. It’s easy to say, sell your home and all the city stuff you own. It’s easy to say, move to the country.

Does this sound scary? Does this sound completely impossible? Living self-sufficient and self-reliant means different things to different people. Ask a group of homesteaders what living off-grid means. Sit back and enjoy the show, because it will be entertaining. Each person has their own opinion. It’s the same with being self-sufficient. You get to decide what it means to you.

You’re ready to get serious about living self-sufficient, but hey, where do you start? Let’s chat about five steps you can start today to living self-sufficient and self-reliant.

Number five: It’s about the money. The average person lives paycheck to paycheck. The truth is, most of us are actually in debt, we’re living a life we can’t afford. A necessary step to being self-sufficient is to get rid of debt, all of it. You can’t live self-sufficient being in debt. And open a savings account, your self-sufficient savings account.

Number four: Learn some basic survival skills. It’s important you know you can take care of yourself. It’s not that you’ll be lost in the wilderness and need to completely fend for yourself, hopefully. It’s mostly about the mental attitude. You knowing you have the skills if you should need them. Like how to build a basic shelter. How to find drinking water. How to find food, what can you safely eat and drink?

Number three: Learn to be a handyman or woman. Be a handy person. Being your own handy-person is super important. Learn how to do basic repairs, how to fix things around your home. To be self-sufficient you need to be able to have basic carpentry, plumbing, electrical, and mechanical skills. You can’t expect to call someone to come to your homestead every time something breaks or needs to be repaired.

Number two: Produce your own food. Wherever you live you can have a garden. It might just be a couple of plants in pots, or a small raised bed garden on your deck or patio. Get chickens. Even in the city, yes, many cities allow you to keep a few hens. Chickens are awesome easy to care for pets. And unlike your typical pet, they contribute to your breakfast. Providing your own food, at least part of it, is an important step to being self-sufficient.

And number one. The most important step of all, reprogram your brain. Rewrite your reality. Being self-sufficient and self-reliant is all about attitude. As you begin your journey from a dependent life to a self-sufficient life changing the way you think, changing your attitude will likely be the most difficult thing you do. Most of us, today, are what we might call consumers. We consume things. Everything we use comes from a store of some kind. Being self-sufficient and self-reliant means you must shift from being a consumer, buying everything you use, to being a producer, making the things you use.

And as you start your journey remember, family and friends will be concerned with your plans and try to talk you out of it.
It’s all about attitude. You get to decide.

If you have a friend that’s interested in living self-sufficient please share this video with them. And, if you have any questions, please ask. We are more than willing to help you because we truly want you to succeed. We want you to pursue your self-sufficient life dreams.

Live life doing it yourself.

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